Still from "It's only make believe"

Still from "It's only make believe"

In 2010 Chezville was founded on that the experience and knowledge of directors and editors could be converted into producing skills and used to support original talent and to create new ways of producing feature films. We encourage our collaborators to explore the freedom of smaller crews, longer shooting periods, natural lighting and creative use of post-production can provide. 

By tailoring the method in which each film is developed, shot and edited, to the inherent nature of each project and the people involved, we believe we can produce exciting films in new and better ways.

Our first feature "It's Only Make Believe" (2013) garnered ten national film award nominations (three wins) and was shortlisted to represent Norway at the Oscars. We are currently shooting «Now It’s Dark» also directed by Ommundsen, and we are developing his next feature «From Grace» which was selected for the Talent Project Market atBerlinale 2016.

We have a long-term collaboration with Storyline Studios, and with that a focus on post-production that combined with our access to financing from regional and national funds, lends itself well to international co-producing. We are currently looking for international projects through which we can explore these possibilities further. 

We are also assembling a stable of select Nordic talent that we intend to develop long-term relationships with. Our slate of projects in development includes five projects, all of which have received development grants from regional film funds and/or the Norwegian Film Institute.

Chezville does not have a specific genre focus, but we seek to combine story-driven and character-driven storytelling traditions and produce films that are well crafted, well structured and that are not afraid of going for an emotional climax.